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More Info…

Please read more about our club on the About PYC page.   Please use our Membership Application to provide information about yourself, your family, and your boat to our membership chairperson.  Complete the form and send to Cathy MacDonald, our membership chair.

How much will it cost?…

Costs are a function of whether you intend to become a member and the size of your boat.  You can certainly join without owning a boat as voting or social member.  For more on membership options and associated costs please contact our membership chairperson.

First Steps…

To become a member at PYC or just to get more information and ask questions, please start by contacting Cathy MacDonald, our membership chairperson or any club officer.  Phone numbers and email addresses can be found on the PYC Officers & Contacts page.

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Family Friendly Club

PYC is a private club located on the south shore of Lake Ontario. You can be out on the lake in minutes!

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