Officers and Contacts

FlagClub OfficersNameEmailPhone
Commodores FlagCommodoreSteve Sangster585-503-5399
Vice Commodore Kathy Fedick585-261-3883
Rear CommodoreDon Boesel315-986-7491
SecretaryBrian Smith315-904-4331
TreasurerDave Kay585-414-5983
Fleet CaptainBetsy Rice585-734-3629
PYC BurgeeDockmasterGreg Fitzpatrick585-223-1898
PYC BurgeeMembership ChairCathy MacDonald315-589-9966
PYC BurgeeWebmasterScott Nichols585-370-6962

Family Friendly Club

PYC is a private club located on the south shore of Lake Ontario. You can be out on the lake in minutes!

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